The secret behind Santosa's Soap Bars

Unlike the majority of mass-produced soap bars available on the market, Santosa’s Soap Bars are created through a time-honoured cold-process soap method, ensuring all of the nourishing benefits and goodness of the natural organic ingredients, actually remain in the final product.

What's so special about cold-process soap?

At the heart of soap making, is a chemical process known as saponification. Basically, this is a reaction between the fats and oils which react with lye to form Soap. Santosa’s Soap Bars are hand-crafted in small batches, poured into molds and cut by hand - giving each bar its own unique size, shape and appearance. The Soap Bars then are left to cure - which is where the magic happens. This is where all of the lye is used to break down the oils and the water is slowly evaporated - leaving a nourishing, firm bar of soap.

What about commercial Soap Bars on the market?

In contrast, many mass produced Soaps are created with much more immediate results. Often the Soap is heated to high temperatures, removing much of the goodness inside. Even more popular, is using synthetic detergents, which strip the body of all natural oils often leaving skin feeling dry and itchy. These are cheaper to produce and often contain parabens or SLS to help extend shelf life and produce a frothier soap lather.

The healing nature of Santosa's Soap Bars

Santosa’s Soap Bars never uses fragrance oils or mysterious ingredients. Our organic ingredients work to moisturize and balance your skin, naturally. Considering your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs most of the products we expose ourselves to on a daily basis, we think it’s definitely worth paying attention to what we apply onto our bodies. Because of the handmade nature of our Soap, it does require a little more care than the mass produced soap bars that we’re all used to. Our Soap Bars need to be dried out as much as possible between uses and ideally kept on a dry Soap keeper, to ensure your bar lasts as long as possible.

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