Santosa creates a range of nourishing natural products, to create wellness for your home, your body and your mind.

At the heart of our ethos is simplicity.

Simple tasks, simple moments, simple ingredients - where their humble insignificance is the very thing that makes them remarkable.

And this desire for simplicity is where our story starts.

In a world full of choices, we found ourselves increasingly drawn to healthier ones - what we consumed, what we purchased, the values we supported - for ourselves, for our family and for our home.

What we sought was simplicity, but what we found was often far from it.

We discovered that brands we had loved and trusted were actually inconsistent with our principles of a healthy lifestyle. With unpronounceable ingredients hiding behind fancy labels, many products claimed they were eco-friendly, but nowhere did they state they were human-friendly.

Santosa was born out of a desire to change that.


To support our vision for a simpler solution, we had to look back to a simpler time - before profit margins and cheaper substitutes got in the way.

Going back to basics, was, it seemed, the way forward.

Tradition and transparency became the foundation for our products, and with this philosophy in mind, we sought out natural and nourishing ingredients that would not only be good for the planet, but be good for us.

In line with this simple approach, we settled on just eight natural ingredients, powerful in both their efficacy, and their delicacy.

Our products come together using time-honoured techniques, and are crafted in collaboration with the skilfull alchemy of an aromatherapist to include purposeful essential oils.

Free from preservatives, palm oil and synthetic fragrances, our products are designed to be good for everything - and conveniently versatile for a range of purposes.


With a focus on self-care, we wanted our products to become tender reminders to add presence and connection to everyday tasks.

Instead of a logo, gentle cues whisper powerful prompts in your personal spaces. Washing your hands, or wiping your bench can now serve as opportunities to slow down, be mindful, even to just breathe.

A simple moment, made significant.