Santosa means contentment, a state of finding happiness or satisfaction in all that you do.  We’ve created our products so you can be content in the knowledge that you’re doing the best for you and your family.

Here’s the things we value in life, and in our range.


Contentment starts with the simple things. And, it’s that simplicity, which is at the heart of all we do. 

Simple ingredients – only ones you can pronounce. Simple moments – thoughtful labels which encourage you to breathe for even a moment every day.  And finally, a simple array of quality multi-purpose products – so you’ll need fewer products in your cupboard to better nourish your body, and care for your home.


We’re not the only ones that promote our products to be ‘natural’ or ‘free of toxins’. But unlike some others, we’re transparent about the ingredients we use and are truly what we say we are. All our ingredients are actually natural, and wherever possible, organic.

You’ll recognise every single ingredient on the back of our packaging and you can know that we’re doing the best we can, not only to be kinder to the planet, but most importantly, to care for you. 

Our range is available in recyclable PET plastic and glass with refills available.



Life is full of demands and pressure to live up to certain expectations. But it’s hard, and we get that.

That’s why it’s ok to do just what you can, to do better for both you and your family. It’s about starting with even small changes. Changes, like buying products that are less harmful for people and the planet, and products that promote self-care. We believe that a healthy mind and body is the most important thing, and have created our products with this in mind. 

Through therapeutic essential oils, recognisable quality ingredients and simple messages we want to make it easy for you to look after yourself. And, to find your balance. 


All our products are batch-crafted right here in New Zealand and our ingredients sourced from local suppliers we’ve actually met, trust and enjoy working with.  Wherever possible, we use ingredients we know are grown right here too.