As a small business, we’re always looking for ways to improve how we do things and how to make your customer journey just that little more enjoyable.
Upon evaluating our current method of sending subscription customers Glass bottle refills, we’ve had to take into the account the rising number of breakages and delays this has been causing, and make a couple of changes to how our refill program works.
That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new refills in sturdy and lightweight pouches.
Although the pouches aren’t as eco-friendly as we would have hoped, we have a way to keep it out of landfill.
It takes a little work on your part, and a little on ours. It’s called our refill return program.

 Refill returners send us back their used refill packs, we sanitise them, and fill them back up again!
Simply collect 3 or more refill pouches and get in touch with us over at or use the contact form below. We’ll arrange a courier to come and collect your used refill pouches, easy as that.
Thank you as always for your continued support. We’re really excited to make it easier and safer to get our refills to you.