Inspiring Living - Kate Shanks

As a special segment on the Santosa Journal, we’re featuring women from our community that have inspired us on our path of living a more contented life. 

These inspiring women are doing amazing things and have each made us want to grow, learn and become better people ourselves.

Today we highlight Kate from Ora Aromatherapy, the Gisborne based beauty bringing you handcrafted therapeutic aromatherapy products, to enhance your well-being.

 1. What simple things in life bring you the most happiness?

Sitting in the sun, in nature (or on my deck) with a cup of coffee looking at my son laughing and the animals basking in the warmth. It helps me just take a moment to look at the things in my life that matter the most. 

2. Best piece of advice you've ever received (and from who?)

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. Business advice, but my dad was always the one who said this. He is a farmer and as a kid, I always knew him to say this one. As a small business owner, it feels like it can take a long time to get anywhere, and spending any money (you sometimes don't have) feels so wrong! but, the reward from paying someone else (an expert) surely is better in the long run - especially with lessening the pressure (we often put on ourselves).

3. What are some simple things you do each day to help you keep balanced?

I pat my cat. Did you know that cats are incredible for anxiety and they can help lift your vibration (with their purr) which helps with healing?! there is a reason I am so drawn to cats. Also, I never leave the house without my Nature's Balance roller  - it's full of the super grounding and balancing essential oils which makes me feel like a walking calm forest haha! 

4. What is your cleaning guilty pleasure? 

I like changing the sheets - (Spice Girls on full noise- guilty pleasure ) having a fresh made bed makes me clean my entire room, finally put away those clothes on the floor after weeks. I mist the sheets with my linen spray, and sometimes it inspires me to re-arrange the furniture - which makes my heart sing! its like it clears creative block. Then, hopping into bed that night it such a treat - who doesn't love crisp sheets?!!! Can I just add, that cleaning the bathroom got so much more enjoyable after using Santosa's good for everything spray - the best part is the wee quote to remind me that it is all ok, chill. 

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