Inspiring Living - Laura Mohi

As a special segment on the Santosa Journal, we’re featuring women from our community that have inspired us on our path of living a more contented life. 

These inspiring women are doing amazing things and have each made us want to grow, learn and become better people ourselves.

This week we highlight Laura Mohi, the owner of Wild Pilates, an online Pilates Studio with over 250+ on demand classes to suit everyone. Laura is passionate about combining her love for Pilates, getting out into the wild and prioritising exercise that energises you and fits into your lifestyle.

 1. What simple things in life bring you the most happiness?

It may be obvious with my business but I love low impact movement and nature. I need to get outside most days. I love walking, camping, slow mornings with coffee, time at the beach with my partner. All of those things make me my happiest and I try to prioritise them above all else.  

2. Best piece of advice you've ever received (and from who?)

Don't listen to advice from people who are not living a life you want to live. - I think this was from a podcast but it reminds me to make decisions that move me towards my dream life, not someone else's.  Don't burn bridges - from my mum. Being kind and having good relationships with people is so important for my work and personal life. 

3. What are some simple things you do each day to help you keep balanced?

Pilates, walking and small rituals - I start the day with 2 glasses of water before coffee, 30 mins off screens/phone when I wake up and 1 hour off before bed, starting the day with fresh fruit, writing a to do list at the end of my work day for the following day to get everything out of my head. 

4. What is your cleaning guilty pleasure? 

Cleaning and clearing the kitchen benches. Anything that helps reduce stress levels and start the day calmly is what i'm all about. It makes me so happy to know I'm going to walk downstairs in the morning to a beautiful clean / decluttered kitchen.


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