Inspiring Living - Lisa Fong

As a special segment on the Santosa Journal, we’re featuring women from our community that have inspired us on our path of living a more contented life. 

These inspiring women are doing amazing things and have each made us want to grow, learn and become better people ourselves.

Today we highlight Christchurch Mother of 4, Lisa, founder of Move it Mama, an online community connected through exercise.

1. What simple things in life bring you the most happiness?

Coffee, wine, food, family, friends. (But I have to be feeling my best to thoroughly enjoy them)!

2. Best piece of advice you've ever received (and from who?)

"Jealousy gets you nowhere, it only makes you ugly" (from my Mother)

3. What are some simple things you do each day to help you keep balanced?

Drink lots of water, exercise and kiss my kids a million times over.

4. What is your cleaning guilty pleasure? 

Cleaning my bench with your gorgeous spray!


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