Inspiring Living - Gemma McCaw

As a special segment on the Santosa Journal, we’re featuring women from our community that have inspired us on our path of living a more contented life. 

These inspiring women are doing amazing things and have each made us want to grow, learn and become better people ourselves.

Today we highlight Gemma McCaw, who is passionate about helping people achieve their health, fitness and wellbeing goals. With a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Gemma is a health coach and a wellness columnist, working with individuals and groups helping to enable them to live happier and healthier lives. 

1. What simple things in life, bring you the most happiness?

My family, friends, (especially seeing my daughter happy), exercise, sunshine, nature, a good sleep, and a nice cup of coffee shared with someone I love.

2. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? (and from who?)

From My Nana, walk a mile in someone’s footsteps before you judge them.

3. What are some simple things that you do each day, to help keep you balanced?

1. Ensure that I’m looking after myself so that I can keep that balance. Trying to get a good sleep, eating well and exercising is a priority for me.
2. Plan on a Sunday what my week will look like so I can make the most of my time by being organsied
3. Adopt a mindset to be open and flexible knowing that in life, things will come up it’s how you approach them that matters
4. Connect with family and friends every day
5. Take 15 minutes out for me, to enjoy a cup of tea once my daughter has gone to bed or just simply relax.

4. What’s your cleaning guilty pleasure? (We all have that one task we secretly look forward to!)

I love vacuuming as I’ve got a new Dyson and it’s life changing! I find it really rewarding seeing the difference vacuuming can make!

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