Beeswax Candle - Erma

Beeswax Candle - Erma

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Erma, means 'whole'. A classic minimalist candle that works well in any interior and with any candle collection. These candles are designed to be long burns (around 4 hours). They require 2 trims during a burn session. This will create its own vessel to house the candle in which looks gorgeous, especially at night. Don't move when it's lit.
It shouldn't melt down the sides much or at all, however just in case please place it on a heat-proof plate to catch the wax. 

  • 7.5cm diameter
  • Burn Time - 35+ hours
  • Handcrafted in 100% pure New Zealand Beeswax
While you can enjoy as ornamental art, these are designed to be burned and become functional art. All of our Everyday Self candles are handmade, and while they try their utmost care to get them as perfect as possible, they may have slight imperfections and color variations. This is normal and is the beauty of being a handcrafted product. 

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